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favourite styles:

organic & botanical  |  fine lines & stippled


$120/hr flash | $150/hr customs
$100/minimum | $100/deposit

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Jill Hughes

hand poke tattoo artist


Hi! My name is Jill, and I am a Stick & Poke artist! I’m originally from Kelowna, BC (born and raised), but recently spent the last six years traveling Asia and Europe. But it was in Australia where my tattooing journey began. Travel and the arts have always been an interest of mine, and now I’m turning those dreams into reality.


Throughout my childhood, I was drawn to anything art-related, and was lucky to have my mom and grandma as artistic influences. I was fortunate to be able to try many art forms from painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, cosmetics and more! Essentially anything I could get my hands on! While pursing my degree at UBC Vancouver, I discovered how much I enjoyed visual arts, which made me realize this was where my true passions lied.


It was in Tasmania, Australia (2020) where I was given the opportunity to try Stick & Poke, and knew almost instantly that it was something I wanted to pursue further.

Throughout this journey, I’ve discovered my style is organic and botanically focused, with fine lines and stippled details.


It would be my pleasure to connect and work with you! I would be excited if you dropped by for a complimentary chat at the studio. My space is a warm, safe and welcoming environment. I strive to make your experience as comfortable and open as possible.

What is Stick and Poke?

Is a nonelectric method of tattooing without a machine. It embraces the concepts of simplicity, uniqueness and craftsmanship. The concept behind it is natural simplicity and beauty in the imperfection.


Do they last the same as normal tattoos?

Yes, they are permanent.


Does it hurt more than regular tattoos?

By personal experience and feedback from my clients, it hurts less than regular tattooing. It ultimately depends on the person and placement.

Book with Jill!

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